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In Berriz you have the opportunity to buy Masscob clothes online, this is their story:

Marga Massanet and Jacobo Cobian are the creators behind MASSCOB, a fashion brand with the Made in Spain seal that has conquered Parisian women thanks to its elegant French chic. From La Coruña, Marga and Jacobo design collections with a style created from garments with simple lines with unique touches thanks to prints, embroidery, and a certain nuance of a revised masculine look to achieve very romantic outfits.

At a purely creative level, the dynamics are the same, each one exposes their ideas, their designs, and after exchanging opinions and contributing each one their point of view, a final result is reached with which both feel finally satisfied.

Everything around Masscob has something of both.

On the other hand, the advantages that Spain has for a fashion designer are that the quality of the manufacturing processes is very competitive, and Made in Spain is appreciated in foreign markets. MASSCOB is in more than fifteen countries, a reference brand with more than 30 points of sale, now in Berriz Masscob clothing online is at your fingertips.

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