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In Berriz you have the opportunity to buy clothes Masscob online, this is her story:

Marga Massanet and Jacobo Cobian are the creators behind MASSCOB, a fashion brand with a stamp "Made in Spain" that has conquered the parisian thanks to its sleek, chic French. From La Coruña, Marga and Jacobo designed collections with a style created on the basis of clothes of simple lines with touches unique because of the prints, the embroidery, and a certain tinge of masculine look revised in order to achieve sets very romantic.

After studying law, working in the fashion industry, and to travel from London to Los Angeles, James and Marga decided to follow his instincts and founded MASSCOB in 2003. Are already a well known brand, sold in more than fourteen countries, and are in almost all the continents. The trajectory of Masscob, is worthy of admiring, as his sources of inspiration.

They have been recognized by their coats and dresses, although in the last few seasons, the garments most characteristic are the shirts and the knitwear.

Marga focuses more on the initial selection of fabrics and the approach of the colors. It is admirable your creativity by choosing the colour and your way of turning the simple into something extremely special... James, at the same time, working on the corporate image of the company as the design or update of the website and the preparation of the new photo campaign of Masscob that makes the personally. But finally, the result of all this is always consensual and each one of them writes and contributes to the work of the other.

To level purely creative, the dynamic is the same, every one exposes their ideas, their designs, and after an exchange of opinions and provide each one his point of view to reach a final result with the the two of you feel finally satisfied.
Everything that surrounds Masscob has something of the two.

In terms of developing a fashion brand in Spain, Masscob is of the opinion that perhaps the greatest difficulty and challenge is to make the brand to be international from Spain, and to get a projection abroad is inevitable to have to go outside of our borders.

On the other the advantages of Spain for a fashion designer are that the quality of the manufacturing process is very competitive, and the Made in Spain can be seen in the foreign markets. MASSCOB is in more than fifteen countries, a brand of reference with more than 30 points of sale, now in Berriz clothing Masscob online is at your fingertips.

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