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Definition and Purpose: What are cookies and what do they do?
Cookies are small files set up as tools to obtain information to: 1) improve browsing, 2) improve user experience, 3) for statistics on service use, user behaviour and/or page views, 4) to analyse user activity, 5) for targeted advertising and, 6) to profile the user. These cookies are stored on the user's device and often save your website settings, such as language, connection hardware, the operative system, and sometimes location. Installed cookies can obtain a great deal of information on users, and can even identify an individual along with their website activity, email reading, use of applications, etc.
The instant a cookie is able to identify someone, data obtained is considered personal data. Not all cookies are used to identify users, but a large part of them are. Cookies that identify users and/or are able to profile them are the ones used the most by website owners or linked third parties for commercial and advertising purposes.
Operational cookies are created with each visit or when a user first visits our webpage. To this end, a cookie is created and saved on the user's browser. On following visits, the server can request information stored on the user's computer to establish and adapt the website to their preferences or equipment and devices with which they connect, so that the user's visit is as personalised as possible.

Types of cookies: The most common cookies
Cookies can be classified in different ways.

-If we focus on the Entity managing the domain from whence the cookies are sent and that processes the obtained data, we can differentiate between own cookies and third-party cookies.
Our own cookies are sent to the user's device from a device or domain managed by the publisher, from whence the service requested by the user is provided. On the other hand, third-party cookies are managed by another entity that processes the data through cookies, and not processed by the website publisher.

-If we focus on the Purpose, we can differentiate between:

-Technical cookies: These allow the user to browse a webpage/platform/application and use the options/services that are available.
-Customisation cookies: These allow the user to access the service with some general pre-defined characteristics, based on a series of criteria on the user's device.
-Advertising cookies: These make advertising more attractive to users and more valuable for publishers and advertisers. They are normally used to select advertisements based on content that is relevant to a user, to improve campaign performance reports and to prevent showing advertisements the user has already seen.
-Analysis cookies: With these cookies, the controller can monitor and analyse the behaviour of user of websites to which they are linked.
-Behavioural study advertising cookies: These cookies store information on the user's behaviour, which is obtained by observing their browsing habits.
-External social media cookies: These are used so that visitors can interact with content from different social media platforms, generated only for users of said social platforms.

-Lastly, focusing on the Period of Retention for storage on the user's browser, we can differentiate between session cookies and persistent cookies. Under no circumstances, and pursuant to legal GDPR provisions, may a persistent cookie be stored on a user's device for any period greater than 1 year.

Session cookies collect and store data while the user visits a webpage, so none are recorded on the user's hard drive. Persistent cookies are data that remain stored on the device. They can be accessed and processed for the period of time established by the cookie data controller, such that, when stored on the hard drive, the browser reads them every time you browse the website.

We recommend deleting cookies on your device.

Cookies used on

The following cookies are the ones we use on this website:
- _gat
- _gid
- _ga
- pll_language

The type of cookies used is:
- Unclassified cookies
- Marketing cookies
- Operating cookies
- Statistical cookies

Legal obligations of Cookie Policies
As owner of a website and pursuant to GDPR requirements, we hereby declare that we comply with the following:
-Transparency: we inform the user in a clear, simple, complete and ongoing fashion, such that they have the real and effective option regarding their data and cookie operation on our website, of the information stored on their devices, of reading, processing and retrieving their data, of the purposes of treating their data, of the possibility of amending and withdrawing consent and the possibility of deleting cookies and the data stored.

-Control: We hereby declare our control over the use of cookies on the website, and we commit to comply with all legal requirements and obligations, including possible accountability regarding processing of the data obtained and related to the website.

-Consent: Consent must be granted before configuring the cookies and initial personal data processing, through an affirmative, positive and evident (explicit) action. Thus, we shall initially only establish cookies that are strictly necessary, and possible rejection of cookies is a real option, as well as withdrawal of the authorisation granted. If you deny consent, we will not prevent you from browsing, as long as you consent to the cookies strictly necessary for our website to operate.

To this end, it is important and necessary that users be able to access their declaration of consent at any time, and that the possibility of modifying or even entirely withdrawing their authorisation be available.

In any event, installed cookies will remain the minimum amount of time necessary, and consent granted shall not exceed 12 months after the user's first visit to the website.

-Information and Communication that is clear and simple to understand, so that the user truly has a real option to limit use of their data.

-Documented record: All consent granted by you as a user is securely saved.

Deactivating and deleting cookies on your browser
What's more, you have the possibility of allowing, blocking or deleting the cookies installed on your device through the settings of your installed browser. If you deactivate cookies, some service available may operate incorrectly.
Regarding how to deactivate cookies, it depends on the browser you're using, although normally you must go to Menu - Tools or Options. Thus, the user may select the cookies they wish to operate on this website at all times.
As follows, you have the links to prevent cookie installation, depending on the browser you use on your device:

-Google Chrome (
-Internet Explorer (
-Mozilla Firefox (
-Apple Safari (

The website uses its own and third-party cookies to collect information that helps to optimise your visit to its webpages.

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