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At Berriz we have from the beginning forte forte clothes online and this is their story:

They started in 2002, giada and Paolo, knowing that the adventure was about to begin. the study, made up of a couple of rooms in their mother's house, overlooked the garden where they grew up as children. the garage became the shipping office and this vision originated from passion.

forte_forte maintains its headquarters in Veneto: sentimental, artisanal and industrial ties with the territory are essential, as they shape the brand's identity. The headquarters are no longer in the family home, but in a complex of industrial buildings in which efficiency and a domestic spirit coexist. Well-being is a quality that permeates human relationships, as well as space and clothing. the collection has developed over the years to become a complete proposal made of beautiful materials left free to express your personality.

The colors are refined, the pure forms welcome the body without restraint. light imperfections emphasize honesty and humanity. forte_forte is a center of sensations and emotions infused with a sense of timeless classicism. it continues to evolve, staying true to the spirit of the beginning.

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