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At Berriz, we have the pleasure of having among our brands and designers to Lebor Gabala.

Lebor Gabala is the adaptation to the phonetics of Leabhar Ghabhála Erenn, a title of a book of mythology celtic which means “the book of conquests”. But it also designates a signature women's fashion made in Spain that is conquering both the public domestic and international. The tidy creations are due to Maite Muñoz, his designer, who after years of experience in the textile industry decided to keep all your baggage on your own project-a brand that was based in the point.

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The baggage of Maite Muñoz is derived from its long years of learning, in that they had the mentoring of teachers in the sector, such as Pedro Morago, Mila & Tucho Balado and Rap Dissemination. After entering in the textile industry almost by chance, it would be the first of these names who would get excite to the designer with the profession. That enthusiasm and passion is that today's leads in your signature, that carries forward thanks to the support of Nuria Muñoz, his sister and chief financial officer, and Aida Gascon, director of operations.

In his more than 20-year track record this firm has managed to adapt to the aesthetic of every moment but betting on items of timeless air without falling into fads biased. Thus, the pieces of each season is not conceived of as a product of single but as a true basic wardrobe that we will be able to rescue, and re-look, season after season. Together with the quality of its creations, where the care of finishes and dedication to detail are the protagonists, all of this has made Lebor Gabala a seal reference for the woman who appreciates good design and quality.

It is very easy to buy clothes Lebor Gabala online in our store Berriz.

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