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Originally from a family in the North, all whose branches were connected with the textile world, it is rather through the profession and its business dimension that she enters this world of creation, favoring what makes sense, beautiful materials, sustainability.

The requirement, traceability, has always been at the heart of history long before you recently published your CSR manifesto.

From her early experiences with Donna Karan, Alberta Ferretti, and Chloé, she felt this need for customer contact. It is with this spirit that Roseanna launches with her childhood friend, a brand whose name is the contraction of her two first names. The search for uniqueness results in the drawing of exclusive prints, the originality of the color palette. Roseanna turns her back on the first grade. A wardrobe of self-affirmation before talking about empowerment.

At Berriz we have the most beautiful clothes and accessories Roseannay you can easily buy online.

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