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Diega is a Parisian ready-to-wear brand, created in 2001 by Carole Petit.

Diega's wardrobe is characterized by a masculine and vintage touch, natural materials and a bohemian spirit.

The brand is aimed at women who like easy and authentic clothing, who like to travel, beautiful prints and noble materials.

The designer has her own way of "mistreating" the fabrics and materials, so that the garments seem to have lived a little, in order to evoke tenderness in the person who is going to wear them. With her clothes, she weaves stories, sews emotions, embroiders passions.

Extra large trouser suits in noble and natural materials, open shirts, long dresses, tunics, wraparound skirts that open, bathrobes that float ... The golden rule? The amplitude. A garment must be flexible and must not constrict. The Diega woman goes to the essentials with style. She is intense and true, resolutely active and carefree. It is elegant without effort, beautiful without unnecessary sophistication.

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