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Since its inception in 1997, Zadig & Voltaire has made it an ambition to explore duality. However, the Parisian firm does not seek opposition, but fuses and balances the elements.

He does not distinguish between styles, genres or periods, he decides to combine them to create unique items.

We find this duality both in the composition of its teams and in the management of Zadig & Voltaire, in which Thierry Gillier, founder and CEO, works side by side with Cecilia Bönström, artistic director. Duality and equality are an integral part of the internal policy of Zadig & Voltaire, which allows us to obtain a score of 82/100 in the French index of gender equality. Zadig & Voltaire strives to improve this result on a daily basis.

But one day he discovered something else. "In Paris there were only one or two Zadig & Voltaire stores," he recalls. “They had modern clothes, very nice and reasonably priced for ordinary people. So I decided to start dressing there. " On one occasion, and despite the fact that she herself thought it was crazy, since she did not have any training in the field of fashion, she contacted the brand and offered her services. “It was so much better than enrolling in school.

At Berriz we have a great selection of the iconic Rock Zadig et Voltaire bag as well as the handbags and clothes that are setting trends on the Parisian scene.

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